Inventis Limited Company Profile

Inspired Solutions

Inventis Limited is a diversified company involved in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of products and services whose foundation is ‘inspiration’ and ‘innovation’. Inventis Limited operates in Australia and New Zealand as the holding company for two divisions

Inventis Technology Pty Ltd

Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd

Inventis Strategy

“Growth through diversity” – three words that sum up our business’s new direction.

Our objective is to bring together under the Inventis umbrella, companies that create products that capture market attention and investor interest. Products which represent the best in innovation and inspired design. And through mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances, we’re being transformed into a substantial company geared for growth, yet protected from the cyclical performance of individual markets.

Whilst broadening our investment horizons, we continue to strengthen our core businesses by focusing on researching, developing, manufacturing and selling products that keep us ahead of the competition and provide profitable income streams in growth markets. Unique, world-class safety systems for road and rail applications, as well as cooperatively developed ‘Computer & Communications,

Command & Control’ (C4) and biometrics solutions for homeland defence, field-based security forces and remote healthcare professionals, are taking us into growing and profitable market sectors and geographies that will help make the company more robust.

These are the qualities that build the brands and commercial success stories of tomorrow. They are also the qualities that build major corporations and reward those who invest in their future.

Board of Directors

Peter Bobbin

Peter Bobbin
Non-Executive Director

Executive Managers

Jeffry Stone

Jeffry Stone
General Manager – Technology


Greg Welsh
General Manager – Furniture

Alfred Kobylanski

Alfred Kobylanski
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

Scott Downes

Scott Downes
Marketing / Channel Manager

Chanetlle Knight

Chantelle Knight
Co-Company Secretary